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AC/DC To Announce 2019/2020 Tour Dates This Week?

Now, after US radio host Eddie Trunk, the most well-known name in hard rock and metal music, said in April that AC/DC were “absolutely going to tour” again, comes a report from Kansas rock radio station V100 that suggests the band will announce tour dates for 2019 and 2020 next wednesday, July 17.

The station said:

“Our sources are telling us that the band is set to announce a 2019-2020 World Tour next week on Wednesday, July 17. Obviously, we’re talking about the music biz here, things could change. But, right now that’s what we’ve been told.”

“Another fun bit of info we’ve got for you is to answer all of your questions about Brian Johnson. Yes, he’s back with the band. It’s been rumored for months now that he’s been working with the band and we’ve been told those rumors are true. Brian has been working special in-ears made for his performances so that he can continue to perform without causing any more damage to his hearing than he already has.”

“Our source is someone close with the AC/DC camp and we believe them to be a reliable source. As always, things could change, but for now I would start saving your pennies and get ready to buy some AC/DC tickets in the very near future.”

“We’ll have to wait until next week to find out where the band will be going on the tour and if our source gave us good info”

AC/DC - Rock or Bust/Highway To Hell - Live At Grammy Awards 2015 Full HD

Recently US radio presenter Eddie Trunk also confirmed that AC/DC will be touring again with Brian Johnson on vocals. Trunk also expects to see a new album in some shape or form.

The rumors are unconfirmed by the band themselves, but Trunk said: "I have sources that have told me that they are absolutely going to tour with Brian back again". "That’s all unconfirmed from their camp, but I had it from some reliable sources.

Overnight an apparent AD/DC Tour poster was also leaked on social media. If the poster is legit, Cliff Williams will be back with AC/DC on the tour this year too.

Cliff Williams retired from the band in September 2016, however, he was spotted in Vancouver around the same time as everyone else in the band was in town at the Warehouse Studio in August 2018, the same studio where AC/DC has recorded their past three studio albums. Does this mean he's back?

Chris Slade replaced Phil Rudd on drums in 2014 after Rudd got into a whole mess of legal trouble, including being charged with attempting to procure a murder. But Rudd was spotted at the Warehouse Studio in August 2018 with his AC/DC bandmates.

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